GM Samuel Kwok on Chi Sao

Chi sau is not fighting. Chi sau is to learn and train:

  1. How to use your energy when necessary
  2. Develop sensitivity. and reflexes
  3. Train to have good position
  4. Good hand techniques.

Even a 90 years old can still chi sau ,that is because he understand the above theory. I have seen Grandmaster Ip Chun chi Sau with a French Chef 280 Ibs and he tried everything to hit him. He could not touch him. That was at 73. I have never seen anyone move as fast as Grandmaster Ip Chun and Ip Ching (80 years old ). Grandmaster Ip Ching is a re known fighter. I witnessed him sparring with a Karate Champion in Manchester in 1994. Awesome power and reflexes!

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