What’s the difference between you & a Zen Master?  

The more you try, the more your natural instinct is covered over, the more you let go, the more your natural instinct shines through, and you experience a natural great peace. Unfortunately most of the time we obstruct this natural peace so even when it arises in us, we don’t trust it. We have a habit of always looking outside our self but if you search for the Buddha outside yourself then you can not find him, he only exists inside you.
You need to become stable in your practice and then you don’t get carried away by bad habits, you need to have a strong faith in your self that you can do this, you need to get rid of your pride and start where you are; maybe you think you can do a hundred push ups when the truth is you can only do 10, but don’t be proud, start where you are with what you have.
You are giving yourself the best gift. The gift of health and strength from within. Take the energy, focus and joy you feel when you train and let it infuse the rest of your life.
The only difference between you and a Zen Master is that they treat every activity as sacred. So treat every activity as sacred then you too become a Zen Master.
Happy Training,
Shifu Yan Lei

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