The Wing Chun Pai school is proud to announce that OSCAR KOOLS has become an Assistant Instructor in our school. He is the second ever to have been given this title in our school.

This title is only given to those who have achieved the level of Wooden Dummy but equally importantly only to those who have shown loyalty, respect, and dedication to Wing Chun, the students, the teachers, and the school. He represents the values of a true Martial Artist, very rare in Martial Arts and society these days.

Oscar is the epitome of persistence and continuous commitment of a Wing Chun student in our school. He not only trains consistently and frequently in the school but also practices extra at home on forms and basic exercises as well as on specific exercises that are more difficult at first.

He is also almost always present at extra training opportunities at seminars, and training camps at home and abroad and is highly valued by all the partners and trainers he works with from all over the world.

Not only does he practice hard himself, but he is also always willing to help others during the lessons and he has also supervised the Kids for years with the same commitment as he trains himself. 

It is thanks to members like Oscar that our school has grown into the school it is today. Our appreciation for that can never be great enough.

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