GM Samuel Kwok on Chi Sao


”Chi Sau is a form of training was found in the Wing Chun System .There are Tai Chi Pushing hands and others similar.

Through Chi Sau we can learn 4 important things

  1. How to use our energy correctly .We use our energy when necessary. >

  2. To develop reflexes and sensitivity ( If you don’t know how to use your energy ,when you are against someone stronger then you will not have reflexes and sensitivity)

  3. To good positions .

  4. Develop good hand techniques . We applied the techniques from the 3 forms and the Wooden Dummy techniques in to Chi Sau .

Chi Sau is a bridge between the forms and the real fighting. If we just learn the forms and just go and do sparring or fight ,might pay a high price. Through Chi Sau we learn Fa Da continue attack and footwork. Lots of people doing so call sparring and lots of time are out of range. Positions is very important and form to form so your opponent cannot escape.

If you push forward all the time ,how can you have sensitivities never mind reflexes. Some people rock forward and backwards withe their bodies ,I was told GGM Ip Man has always keep his body straigth. Never head forward. Oh yes in the final round both will use their skill to control one or both hands to attack . But what I have seen in Hk and China is trying to push someone out of the ring as just roll two times and both started chain punches.”

GM Samuel Kwok heeft verschillende DVD’s over Chi Sao

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